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Digital art community. Featuring digital graphics from contributing artists & a tutorial database
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Artist: Tempeste
Title: The Corporate Machine
Victories: 7
Artist: JawKAtaNa
Title: URBANstyle
Contributing Artists: 55
Worm Length: 88 images/61.11 ft
herbal smoke effects
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New Article - Tutorial Database List 2006-02-25
No so much an article as a resource list of all the major and not so major Tutorial Databases that deal with photoshop, 3D Studio Max and Flash. Great list for tutorial writers looking for sites where they can submit their tutorials. You can find this on our articles page or here. Tutorial Database List
New Article - Everyone's an Artist 2006-01-30
Today we have a new article that discusses the grown of art in todays world and takes a look at how computers has effected it. You can read Everyone's an Artist here or find it on our articles page. You can also discuss it in our forums.
New Article - Webmaster Tools 2006-01-08
Today we have a new article that discusses a few webmaster tools that no webmaster should be without. You can read Webmaster Tools to Elevate Your Site here or find it on our articles page.
Community News - 2006-01-08
Kick-starting the new year, has started a brand new series of competitions based on monthly themes. The theme for this month is "Renewal", and the idea is to create any image based on that theme. The best submission will be chosen and later included in an official BioRUST calendar, where a certain percentage of profit generated will be given back to the author. More details, clarifications, etc, check in the official thread: Forum Thread
Art Pack 6 Released! 2006-01-02
Art Pack 6 has just been release and is the biggest pack yet! Included are 24 digital art images and photoshop submitted by our forum membership. You can checkout the pack from our community art page or by clicking here.
New Article - Choosing a Web Hosting Provider 2005-12-13
A new article has been added that guides you through the process of selecting a web hosting provider and how to sort out the bad ones. Your can read Choosing a Web Hosting Provider here or find it on our articles page.
Blue Sfear Graphics Battle Back! 2005-12-08
The battle competitions are coming back and this time with a sweet prize. - 1 Year Free Webhosting - 1 Year Free Domain Name (com, org, net) Battles will take place once per month in our forums, so join in. The current battle ends Dec 20th.
BlueSfear featured in Photoshop Creative Magazine!! 2005-11-01
Bluesfear has been mentioned in Photoshop Creative magazine as a valuable photoshop resource. Our forum member Kryptogen was nice enought to bring this to my attention and also provided a pic of the magazine and article. Click here to view the article and magazine cover.
Community News 2005-09-22
Today we have news on 1 new site and the relaunch of another. First off we have, this is a new site of mine that just launched and is dedicated to strictly 3D programs so check it out. Next we have the new re-designed, home to artist Pieter Kok and the Players Battle Alliance which is now accepting applications for their Photoshop Tennis Series. Enjoy.
New Article - The Art of Linking 2005-08-30
We have added a new article that talks about the importance of linking with other sites and some linking strategies. Your can read The Art of Linking here or find it on our articles page.
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